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hi all,

Well I've had the car for about 3 weeks and it seems I've got a problem with the stronic already 😔

The car has done 115,000 miles.. I don't know whether the transmission fluid has ever been changed so will be getting this done ASAP

The issue is when coming to a stop the gears drop from 2nd to 1st and the car shunts like its been rear ended!!

I've seen alot of posts about this and how it's likely to be the mechatronics, others saying change the fluids, others saying sw update on the tcu...

I'm guessing other folks have had this issue, is it a case of replace the mechatronic or is there a slim chance its just needing a fluid and filter change.

I don't really want to splash out on a fluid change just to have to do it again soon if the mech needs to come out.

There are NO errors showing on vcds and car drives fine other than when coming to a stop.

Finally I've seen that ECU testing can recon the mechatronic but obviously I'll need to get it out and refitted... Does anyone know someone reasonable in Liverpool or northwest that would do this... After buying the car funds are tight at the moment.

Thanks guys

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