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Yes, the auto gearbox is cooled via the coolant, but why, as Simon says, do you want to now check the gearbox oil level? Which radiator did you replace?

Yes the ZF 6HP 28 is sealed for life, but ZF say to replace the oil every 75k miles.

Anyway, Put the car on stands or lift making sure the car is level. Start engine and warm the gearbox oil to about 35-40 degrees C. Also with brake pressed, go through D, R, N etc to get the mechatronics pumping. Then when at 35 deg, with engine running, undo the box sump plug (the big black one in the middle, not the small silver plug in the corner of the sump) as this has an insert that only allows the correct oil level or to check it. If none comes out, add some oil (I'm guessing you have the ZF 6HP 28 6 speed auto as you have the Quattro?). You will need Lifeguard 8 green oil.

The FWD 3.2 is a multi-tronic 8 speed gearbox.
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