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Hi all, looking for some advice on my 2010 2.0T A5. I am currently rebuilding the car after it was crashed and noticed an oil leak from the engine while I have the bumper and front slam panel off. I did not own the car pre-crash so I am not aware of any potential oil consumption issues etc. The oil seems to be leaking from the location in the attached pictures. If anyone has any insight as to places that oil is common to leak from around this part of the engine it would be greatly appreciated, as most of the front lower part of the engine seems to have a coating of oil so not sure where this might be coming from. As you can probably tell I am quite inexperienced at this but I have to learn somehow, so any input would be great! Thanks very much!
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Mate does the engine run?? If yes then I would clean off the excess oil and then warm up and dry the engine, stand the car in a garage with paper underneath and then start to investigate when oil drips starts to appear.
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