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I just got back from a meeting w/ my dealer, and am excited to say that my order has been allocated for July delivery! I originally ordered my car in December 2007, and had been sixth in the allocation queue at my dealer. But apparently the guy who was number 1 asked to be pushed back due to financial issues, and so my dealer was able to argue that one of his customers should be the new number 1 at the dealership, and that was me! So, I jump from 6th to 1st, and get a July allocation rather than the September - October date I had expected.

Pricing is not yet out for '09, but I posted the new order guide for 2009 here:

The only really new option to think about over the 2008 is the Audi Drive Select Package, which is described on the order sheet as "Drive Select controls; Dynamic steering system; adaptive damper system." This sound a bit like BMWs M-Drive - anyone else here know more about it? Any semi-educated guesses as to what its price may be?
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