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2008 S5 wont start after replacing and bleeding Master Cylinder

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As the title suggests, I'm after some help in relation to the replacement of my Master Cylinder. After replacing and bleeding the clutch system and brakes my car only comes onto accessory and has the following faults in order. ESP Fault, Parking Brake Malfunction, Headlight Dynamic Range Defective. Was told to check the battery and after replacing that (it was due for a change but not quite gone yet) the car still wont start. Waiting on a ross tech cable to run VCDS on the codes. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, also already checked the relay box under the wiper system for water or contaminants and it's fine.
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Check the + lead from the battery to the rest of the electronics: here's some info. Might be a long shot but worth a look.
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So upon further inspection there was simply an earth that wasn't connected properly. Dumb moment but she starts now 😅
Dont forget mate that new batteries SOMETIMES also need coding to your car......
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