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Hey guys. Been on the forum a few months but first real post. Very happy with my S5 so far. The day I got it home I ordered a new rear exhaust (muffler removal) and the noise is incredible.
Had a few of the regular niggles (V158 error with loud dash clicking, window regulator, door handle issue). But trying to sort an ongoing speaker problem. Initially, I thought just my subwoofer wasn't working - there is no air movement and distinct lack of bass output for music. So, I went to order just the sub but last night I played with the balance/fade and realised that the only front speakers that are working are the two tweeters on the dashboard - neither the mid door speaker nor tweeter are making any noise. The two mid speakers in the "rear doors" appear to work fine. The sub on the parcel shelf (is there two? There are two speaker covers?) Is also not working.

I understand the amp for the speakers is behind the cover on the nearside in the boot. This APPEARS to be working as the fan is active, or something is making noise for sure. Is this likely to be my issue?


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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