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Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me as I'm seriously getting frustrated ....

Bought my 2007 S5 Quattro 2 days ago and for the life of me I cant get the blutooth connectivity to work, it'll find my phone and connect, but then disconnect straight away and reconnect, itll do this repeatedly until I turn my bluetooth off. I gave up and called a local audi dealership yesterday who advised that my phone (Samsung s8+) is too advanced for the software running the mmi causing the connection to drop repeatedly, they want to charge me £180 for a software update if it's possible to do so, now I know this is bull because I messaged the previous owner and hes connecting using a iPhone x which is more advanced than my phone.

I'm sorry but I don't know what software is running on my mmi or what model it is.

Is it possible to factory reset the mmi?

Can someone help me please?
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