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20" peelers on S5 sportback

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Hi gang
Anyone fitted 20" peelers to their s5 sportback (facelift).
If you have what et have you got

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Which style are peelers? Not heard of that one! :)
Which style are peelers? Not heard of that one! :)
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Ah! Like potato peeler!! :D

For the A5/A7 you need a low ET as the body is slightly wider than the even numbered model counterpart, like the A4/A6. Most of us A5/S5 owners put spacers on. Std ET for A5/S5 is about 32, but I have 15mm spacers up front and 25mm at the rear making my ET 7 rear and 17 up front. It could go a bit more so you could have ET 0!! But ET changes with wheel width, so on 20" they can be 9.5 inch wide or 10 inch wide. I have 19" rotors so can't comment on the 20" offset/ET.

Try a play with this calculator Alloy Wheel & Tyre Fitment Calculator. Offset, Tyre Stretch and Speedo Error | Will They Fit
Excellent thanks Dave(y)
The OEM factory fitted wheels on my 2016 B8.5 S5 are 20 x 9J, ET29. I've since added 15mm spacers on the rear and 10mm on the front.

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