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I currently drive a very reliable but unexciting Japanese car and so starting to look at A5s specifically one in 2.0t 252hp guise.

From my limited reading the 252hp engine is quite a bit different to the 190hp and I don't think it sold in large numbers. just wondering if there's anyone here with experience of this particular engine and things to look out for?


Unless I am mistaken they are both the same engine just tuned different at factory.
I have a older 2009 211bhp/350nm version. For everyday use with just myself in the car its a decent drive but no hot hatch off traffic lights due to its weight but once in motion the torque is decent.

You could always get the 190 version and get it remapped to 250 power level. But yes the 190 is the base model and for most that power was adequate and no need to pay premium for the 250.

190bhp/320nm vs 250bhp/370nm....the difference of 60bhp/50nm will be very noticeable on everyday drive ;)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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