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I know there are a lot of threads reverse image search email checker port checker about the consumption issue but the information is all rather murky and extracting useful information is a little futile.
Can I have your assistance please to collate some info?

*Stage 2 = new pistons

I would like to know...

1) Engine type | what is the engine code? (e.g.CAEB)
2) Mileage that stage 2* was performed
3) Month / year of fix
4) Approximate average oil consumption before fix (miles per litre)
5) Do you have an engine remap before / after?
6) Was it under an Audi warranty?
7) Did you go direct to a dealer or created a case with AudiUK / AoA etc
8) What is your current oil level % and mileage since the fix


2) 63k miles
3) Oct '14
4) 700 miles
5) no
6) no
7) 90% 3000 miles
7) AudiUK
I didn't purchase the car from Audi so I'm afraid that they are going to try and fob me off as you are aware a new engine on one of these babies is EXPENSIVE, has anyone else had a similar experience can you offer any tips on how I can get this issue sorted, at the end of the day surely this is an AUDI issue?
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