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I've done 1200 miles so far so just run in.

My run to work is about 10 miles, 50% dual carriageway, 50% town. Not usually much traffic and get about 33 MPG.

As my commute is short I would expect to get a bit more if the car was properly warming up.

My previous car was a BM 320d Touring and that averaged 45mpg. With petrol being cheaper than diesel I have to say that over the first month I've not really noticed a big increase in my fuel expense. Whether the 2.7 is more cost effective for you will depend on the miles you do, the MPG of the 2.7 etc. I think the 1.8T makes most sense for me as I don't do the miles.

Either way, they are both mint - order one, now, go on :) Who cares about the mpg when a £30k car makes Aston Martin drivers look at you (probably wondering why they paid £60k more) !!!
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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