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Hi all

I recently purchased a 2010 A5 1.8Tfsi and I have to say I absolutely love the car. I had it remapped yesterday and now I get black smoke from the exhaust when pulling away or revving hard. The smoke is only when I pull away or start revving and doesn't persist if I keep the revs high. If I sit in the car in my driveway and continually rev press the throttle to rev and release the car I can see a soot deposit forming on the drive and my exhaust tips are covered in dry soot. When I noticed it I called the guy that did the remap (it's a generic map rather than using a rolloing road) and he came back to take a look at the car and I also changed plugs and filters just in case.

Anyway the guy came back and plugged his diagnostic tools in to the car and the MAF was showing on 0.75 on VCDS (didn't really change when revving) and a system leak error (sorry can't remember the code) somewhere. When I unplugged the MAF the reading went up to around 2.45 but immediately went back to around 0.75. I then got him the return the car to the OEM map (it wasn't smoking prior to the remap) but if anything it was worse with the OEM map. The engine is running fine and there's no loss of power at any point, I haven't really had any time to see if the mpg has been effected.

I assume that the remap has shown up an issue that was already there with the engine or caused something to go over the edge and fail which is now causing the smoke which I believe in unburnt fuel. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be the issue, I'm planning on starting by replacing the MAF (due to the low readings) and if that doesn't fix things move on to the coil packs and injectors (I'm planning on putting an injector cleaner through the system to see if it helps but I don't hold out much hope. I'm hoping it's not the rings but there is no blue in the smoke at all so I don't believe any oil is burning off.

Anyway apologies for the long post, any advice would be greatly appreciated as I really love this car and just want it to run as good as it looks

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