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Picked up my 09 s5 today turning in 08 s5 with 18,300 miles. Don't ask why I did it because I am not completely sure myself but it is done. Same color (phantom black/black) but with carbon fiber trim instead of stainless steel. Also has drive select and all options except adaptive cruise control. I put my coat of swissvax on it immediately as always. For whatever reason exhaust system has deeper and louder sound--I like it. Any noisier would be too much for me. Interior trim difference is a toss up--both very nice. Drive select very nice and very noticeable differences between settings in this car--much less so in my wife's 09A4(see other thread). 08 seems to have dynamic steering with suspension in between comfort and dynamic. 09 dynamic suspension much stiffer than 08. Side assist is okay but it is causing havoc with my Valentine 1 radar detector--rear detector goes off every time car in range of mirror and you can turn the side assist lights off but the system continues to function anyway according to the radar detector. I will have to cover the rear detector window I guess. Otherwise as expected same great car.
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