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uk meeting
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  1. UK
    Leading on from previous threads regarding UK meets this year, I spoke to Shaun @ AmD (Team Manager for the AmD Milltek car) and he's happy for me to organise a garage tour at one of this years events. Here's a nice little video of Shaun presenting the Golf @ Autosport a few weeks ago. They...
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    It's been suggested some Uk'ers might have missed the 'Audi's in the Park' A5OC forum meet announcement for the 7th August. Here's a link to the forum thread for further info... Would be great to see a few more of you register...
  3. UK
    Next A50C UK outing? Audis in the Park - What is AITP? Date: 7th August 2011 Venue: Wickstead Park, Ketterings, NN15 Price of £5 for the day is per car. On the site of an amusement park it could be a day for the whole family. If we have enough interest I'll book a club pitch.
1-3 of 3 Results