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  1. Prism Detailing
    Remember last winter? Protect your investment now with a winter protection detail! Winter is coming and if it is anything like last year you need to get your car protected now. You should be aware that councils are using an additive to salt and grit to make it stick to the roads. Unfortunately...
  2. Detailing
    I have recent gave this a try after Dom (one half of Dodo Juice) recommended it to me. With the weather in Scotland not being the best only within the last week i got to use it. Very easy application if you follow the instructions (at first i didnt and found it hard work), but I used a makeup...
  3. Prism Detailing
    Prism Detailing - Land Rover Discovery - Dodo Juice Detailing (inc vid & wetsanding) This being the third car for same owner to detail this one was the biggest (Previous a Fabia and a Yeti an both New car details). the previous two were treated to Swissvax but this time I was showcasing Dodo...
1-3 of 3 Results