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  1. Adding a sub to 2011 A5 convertible

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    I have the B&O system in the A5 convertible, but it doesn't have the sub because they wouldn't be able to install in the rear deck due to the top mechanics. I would like to add a sub. I am wondering if anyone knows if the B&O that I have has the capability to run a sub and it has just been...
  2. Stock B/O Subwoofer

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    PM me if you're interested
  3. FS: Custom JL W7 Subwoofer System

    For Sale
    Hey everyone, I work for an Audi dealership in Northern New Jersey, and on one of our trade ins we had an S5 that had a very high end subwoofer system custom fit and installed in the trunk area of the car. The system is comprised of the following: 2 JL Audio W7 subwoofers (I believe 12" models)...