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  1. S5 General Q&A
    My car has a factory sticker that says "Protected by an Audi GPS tracking device". What does this mean in reality? Anyone know how I use / access the service should I need to? Thanks.
  2. RS5 General Q&A
    Hi guys, Sorry intrude but my RS5 has been stolen and I wondered if you'd be so kind as to keep an eye out. It's metallic black with the black styling kit, cream interior and the non-rotor 19" alloys; BG11 PYX and the VIN ends 2325. Please, please make sure if you're buying a used one that...
  3. For Sale
    Sorry if this is out of place but I'm heart broken. My gorgeous car was stolen on Monday during a break-in at my home in Slough. If anyone sees or is offered this car please do the decent thing. Reg: FY58 KXO black A5 2.7TDi white leather, B&O sound. Sat-nav may still have Darlaston and Shelgate...
1-3 of 3 Results