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  1. A5 Performance & Mods
    Hi all I have an Audi A5 tfsi Quattro 208bhp 2008. It currently has a stage 1 remap and a basic pippercross panel filter. Does anyone know the exact requirements for a stage 2 remap. I want to add as much bhp as possible without going to stage 3 can someone suggest every upgrade I can do to...
  2. A5 Performance & Mods
    Hey guys New here, so looking for advice. Think its worth remapping Audi a5 at 144k on the clock just a stage 1 nothing more. just want to get over that 200bhp threshold tbh don't see no harm in that :)
  3. S5 Performance & Mods
    Alright Audi family. Took the plunge earlier this week. Had the Unitronic Stage 1+ tune done by a local shop. Felt good (for the 15 miles I’ve driven it since the tune). Promises 100hp gain, but I’ll be fine with 50+ for now.. Looking forward to testing it a little in the coming days. I like...
1-3 of 3 Results