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  1. S5 Performance & Mods
    93 octane testing at AWE Tuning is complete. And here we go. Extensive “East coast” data logging, feedback and fine tuning at AWE Tuning HQ, across multiple 3.0T FSI cars (including AWE Tuning’s in house B8 S4, 6MT), has gone into this file – producing some serious power. +84 HP, +35 TQ at...
  2. APS
    Revo Technik ECU remaps now at APS We’re delighted to announce that a full range of Revo Technik ECU remaps are now available from APS. Covering all popular VAG petrol and diesel applications including amongst others the 2.0-TFSI and CR engines in the Audi TT, Golf MK V/VI and SEAT Leon...
1-2 of 2 Results