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  1. For Sale
    The set has been used maybe twice for an overall 35-40 miles. Tread is outstanding. I sized the wheels and tires to match up with my 19" stock setup, so the diameter of the shoes would not change when changing out for the winter. I'll include the tire dolly as well.
  2. For Sale
    Used only one winter and showing very little wear. Will sell for $600 or BO. Email me at [email protected] In Mackinaw, IL. 61755.
  3. For Sale
    UPDATE: I've swapped two of the wheels with the ones from my car and updated the photos. The tread depth of these when new was 11/32, now its about 8/32. All of the wheels are true, balanced, and nitrogen inflated. ___________________________________________ I'm moving south so I'm selling...
  4. A5 & S5 Topics
    Hello folks, I was wondering if a set of 20" wheels with some good quality all season tires (like michelin pilot sport A/s or Bridgestone RE960AS) can still be safely drivable in light snow conditions? I'm talking about driving in NYC area where sometimes there are snow on the road but not...
1-4 of 4 Results