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  1. Prism Detailing - Winter Protection Detail Offer ! ! !

    Prism Detailing
    Remember last winter? Protect your investment now with a winter protection detail! Winter is coming and if it is anything like last year you need to get your car protected now. You should be aware that councils are using an additive to salt and grit to make it stick to the roads. Unfortunately...
  2. Prism Detailing - Ford Focus RS Correction (Inc vapour/video)

    Prism Detailing
    Its been a while since i did my last write up but i thought i would share this one. I was contacted by the owner to detail his BMW M3 (matte) and his partners Ford Focus RS. This detail i did another video incase you prefer having a look: YouTube - ‪Prism Detailing - Ford focus RS Swissvax...
  3. Audi TT (mk1) - Enhancement Detail

    Prism Detailing
    After being recommended from a forum member in England (Audi TT cab detail posted), I was asked to conduct a detail on this mk1 TT. Being from Scotland and the car being in London, I did not really know what to expect. I was told of the swirls from the owner, and on arrival this was confirmed...
  4. Rare Porsche 911 RS Speedster Swissvax Detail

    Prism Detailing
    After attending a Porsche Club meet and demo'ing Swissvax to all the members, I recieved a call from the owner of the car i was demo'ing on asking if i could finish the car off. From what i have been told from the owner there is only 14 of these in right hand drive and only 2 in Yellow which...
  5. Seat Leon Cupra Swissvax Detail (Correction)

    Prism Detailing
    A friend of Jen asked me to carry out a detail on his Leon. He is more about power than showcasing his car, and you can tell...with over £8k spend on performance parts and the car producing over 360bhp its a rocket (been known to beat RS4's, Evo's etc). The owner does not wash the car himself...