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  1. Audi keyfob help! Rs5 2011

    A5 & S5 Topics
    Hello Peeps!, I have an rs5 2011 (currently facelifting) it comes with the audi keyfob that presses into the dash to start the car. the car starts fine with the keyfob however it does not lock at all with the button. Infact none of the keyfob buttons seem to do anything boot doesnt open or...
  2. RS5 2015 bumper bonnet headlights WANTED

    For Sale
    Hello, I am after a bonnet a bumper and headlights to facelift my 2012 rs5 If anyone has any or all of the mentioned parts for sale please get in touch - I will come collect if need be Thanks
  3. B8 to B8.5 conversion help please - audi RS5 V8

    RS5 General Q&A
    Hello, sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section. I'm after some info about facelifting the front end on an RS5 B8 2011 V8 - now i know there is much info of facelifting the non RS- A5 but cannot find the right stuff for the RS5 b8 to B8.5 conversion. Am i right in assuming just like...
  4. B8 RS5 supercharger / other upgrade advice

    RS5 General Q&A
    Hello Audi community! I’m happy to say that after years of thinking about what car I wanted next, I finally decided on an Audi RS5 from 2013, so the 4.2 V8 version of this car. I picked one up with 50k miles, drove it to about 60k, and now I’m looking for more power. I know I could clean up the...
  5. 2008 A5 swap seats with 2018 S5 sportback

    Audi A5/S5 Tech DIY
    Hi guys I have a very reliable 2008 MT6 A5, the seats are showing their age and Id love to upgrade them with newer audi seats. A set locally popped up for sale that are out of a 2018 sportback s5 with the new diamond stitching. Since its a decade different in years I dont expect it to be a...
  6. STOLEN - Black RS5

    RS5 General Q&A
    Hi guys, Sorry intrude but my RS5 has been stolen and I wondered if you'd be so kind as to keep an eye out. It's metallic black with the black styling kit, cream interior and the non-rotor 19" alloys; BG11 PYX and the VIN ends 2325. Please, please make sure if you're buying a used one that...
  7. Audi: The Quattro Principal video

    Audi Lounge
    Don't believe this has been posted before....
  8. FS: Round S-Tronic Shift Knob Smooth Leather

    For Sale
    I purchased both the smooth leather and air leather S-tronic shift knobs. I ended up going with the air leather, to match comfort seats and RS5 steering wheel, so I am selling the smooth leather knob. In new condition, didn't mount it, and has gray retainer in place ready to be installed. Asking...
  9. RS5 Steering Wheel Swap

    A5 Performance & Mods
    I purchased an RS5 Steering wheel for my 2011 S5 Cab... amazing. It looks subtle in pictures but the difference in wheel thickness and overall feel is pretty awesome. So my problem is, the airbag is not compatible as every parts supplier insists. The stock S5 airbag is shallower and the stock...
  10. Sportback + RS5 Grill

    A5 Performance & Mods
    I have a 2011 A5 Sportback and I live out in the middle of nowhere, so ordering heavy parts is a 1-way street for me. I love the RS5 grill and I want to install it, I found a bumper conversion kit at BKS Tuning which includes the following parts: 1x front bumper 1x Grill 1x Lower spoiler (Alu...
  11. Sportchassis Plus on RS5 - important?

    RS5 General Q&A
    Hi, I'm new to this forum because I just ordered my first Audi (after being a long time Saab and Porsche driver). I went for the RS5 after trying both the S5 V8 and the S5 V6T (I personally think the V6T is a huge mistake by Audi, but that's just my personal opinion) I currently have the choice...
  12. 19 inch rs5 wheels for sale. Original.

    For Sale
    19 inch rs5 wheels for sale (upgrading to 20s) Pm for pricing
  13. Audi RS5 state release date?

    RS5 General Q&A
    Hey guys, new member here, Just wanted to introduce myself. First time posting, so go easy on me. Fellow members on this side of the ocean, I'm sure you are as eager as i am to see the arrival of the Audi RS5. For the past few months, I've been periodically checking on any news regarding the...
  14. Retrofitting RS5 DSG Steering Wheel into MANUAL A5/S5

    A5 & S5 Topics
    Hi guys, I'm about to order an RS5 steering wheel off Alex @ Europrice (huge recommendation for great customer service btw) and just realised that the RS5 only comes in TipTronic/DSG. I have a manual S5, and was wondering if it was at all possible to retrofit this DSG steering wheel onto a...
  15. Auto Express suggest Geneva Motor Show 10 RS5 launch

    RS5 General Q&A
    The latest rumour. ... Based on what we've already seen the pics dont look right but I love the suggestion of the V8 twin turbo and the ridiculous price:D