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  1. Rumour: B8 RS4 binned

    Off Topic
    Word on the web suggests RS4 ditched in favour of RS6 It looks as if there will be no new Audi RS4 - at least for the foreseeable future - since Audi appears to have sacrificed its compact super-saloon/estate in order to hurry up the arrival of the next RS6. The decision doesn't appear to...
  2. hartmann anthracite RS4 replica wheels

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Anyone know of a member willing to sell a set of 4 Hartmann anthracite rs4 replica wheels that are in good condition? I'm tired of waiting for the new shipment to come into achtuning....Any help or ideas?:mallet:
  3. PES Supercharger Group buy for Audi FSI 4.2

    PES Supercharger Group buy for Audi FSI 4.2 ____________________________________ PES is announcing a group buy for the G4 supercharger system fitting 4.2 FSI engines found in many Audi, VW, Spyker and others . We will be taking deposits to retain your commitment from December 8th 2010 until...
  4. Wanted in UK - RS4 wheels 20"

    Posting this here as i'm unwilling to pay delivery charges from USA or elsewhere due to prohibitive costs. I'm looking for a set of 20" RS4 seven spoke wheels, either originals or good quality alternatives to fit my S5 for a price that isn't silly. Audi quoted me £3.5k. :yikes: I've trawled...