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  1. For Sale
    Genuine Ross-Tech HEX+CAN USB VW - Audi interface. SOLD. The interface is the HEX+CAN USB version and is VIN UNLIMITED. The unit and cable are in excellent condition. I only used it on my 2016 Audi S5 (North America) and 2011 VW MK6 GTI. Being genuine it is possible to run the latest...
  2. For Sale
    Looking for a vag-com to purchase! Must be Ross-Tech.
  3. For Sale
    For Sale: Genuine Ross-Tech HEX+CAN USB Cable Purchased in December for my S5. I hate to sell it, but I need the cash. This is a genuine working Ross-Tech cable not the crappy $40 ebay cables. Originally purchased for $349.00 + $13.25 shipping. ($362.25) - I'll include the invoice from...
1-3 of 3 Results