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    Wondering if anyone can help, I’ve had my car in Audi 3times for this issue and only just got my car back to day and they charged me £100 to think the issue with the side trim above the Parcel shelf but when I was driving home the noise happened again, it’s becoming really annoying and...
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    This is my first post in a forum ever I am pretty sure, so I apologize if this is not the right thread. I have a 2013 S5 Cabriolet (75K miles), automatic trans which is the s tronic 7 speed I’m pretty positive. My problem is when I have the car in reverse and I let of the brake to fully engage...
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    I still can't get rid of the rattle inside the doors.:wall: The rattle happens when i drive over those bumps in between lanes, uneven roads, and in certain bass frequencies when listening to music. Every two weeks i drive to and from san diego and los angeles and most of the time i hear the...
1-3 of 3 Results