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    Hey guys, Got a strange one here.. after the polar vortex 2 years ago in Detroit, I had to jump start my 2011 A5 a couple times to warm it back up.. unfortunately, after that my MMI/Radio has been acting funny and the voice command system just flat out doesn't want to work. Has anyone else run...
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    I have a 2009 A5, I feel like I’ve tried everything and even the guys at the shop are now dumbfounded. I’ve had the alternator replaced and a brand new battery as well. I went through every fuse after reading a couple of threads on here. Today the radio went out so I did a reboot on the mmi. It...
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    Hi all, the autoplay feature which makes the radio/Sd card playback turn on every time I start the car annoys me. I'm still getting used to my car so while driving in the city it's preferrable to keep the radio off. I was lookin for some settings which would disable this but haven't found any -...
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    Hi all, Firstly, apologies if this has been discussed before, I've tried searching the forums as best I can but 'DAB' is too short when searched on its own! The problem I seem to get is when I'm listening to DAB, sometimes it will just cut out for a period of anything between 30-60 seconds...
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    Greetings all, This is my first time posting so i wanted to introduce myself a bit. I'm fortunate enough to have a manual Ibiz White 08' S5 with all the fixin's. Even more fortunate for me right now is I live in the midwest and my winter tires were delivered this week in time a giant...
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    Hi folks, This might only be a UK centric question but is it possible to retrofit an Audi DAB unit into an A5? I have the 3gMMI with AMI and 6CD options already installed if that has any relevance? Has anyone fitted a non Audi spec DAB radio that they could recommend? Thanks. C
1-6 of 6 Results