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  1. A5 & S5 Topics
    Hey gang, My lovely old S4 is a 2005 vintage and now has about 215k kms under her wheels but is still performing really great. I recently had an issue so wanted to tell yas. I had driven up to the north of Italy one weekend and covered about 1600 kms and the car was great, I went firstly to Alba...
  2. A5 General Q&A
    Hey all, I’m new to the group. I’ve got a 2008 a5 b8 3.2fsi (6spd if that matters) that I’ve had since 2015. Over the past year, I’ve had a lot of coolant issues. I was told there was a leak coming from the coolant flange, and possibly the upper coolant hose as well. I have all the parts to fix...
1-2 of 2 Results