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  1. Southwest
    Hello everyone, I am a new S5 owner and I am thought it might be useful to start a DFW thread for all A5/S5 owners in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and surrounding areas. I am borrowing the idea from other forums where we made use of the thread to plan meets, cruises and other such events and...
  2. East
    Decided to create a separate thread here as it seemed more appropriate given this is a GTG. Here is the original thread: Suggested start time of 10AM at the northbound Mobil station/rest stop just over the CT/NY...
  3. UK
    NOTE: PLEASE VOTE FOR UP TO 3 CHOICES, YOU MUST CHOOSE ALL OPTIONS AT ONCE AS EACH USER CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE. For the first time since 1998, all be it an independant entry, Audi will be represented in the British Touring Car Championship for 2011. More details The BTCC came a long way in...
  4. Southwest
    Who: NTAG, TAG members and guests What: Track Time at MSR in Cresson,TX When: Saturday Feb 26, 2011 Where: Motorsports Ranch Cresson Texas Cost: $100.00 per driver(paid in advance) Etc: Limited to 45 cars so please sign up soon as this is a State Wide Meet and I know we have at least 45 Audi...
  5. East
    Who is down? Depending on interest we can begin to discuss when and where. I'd say Queens or city, but there aren't many open spaces we can all converse and such compared to LI.
1-5 of 5 Results