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  1. A5 General Q&A
    In my A5 I am struggling to connect my iPod 7th generation 120GB to my car via AMI to apple 30 pin lead, the error I get is "unsupported". Ive also tried via AMI to usb/ USB to apple 30 pin, the error I get is "unsupported" & "Unreadable" the car is equipped with Bang & Olufsen sound system...
  2. Audi A5/S5 Tech DIY
    Hi, I'm a little bit stumped. I am wanting to connect my final gen iPod classic to my Audi A5 Convertible 2013. We have updated the MMI to version 9 (can't remember the full number off the top of my head), have bought every type of cable you can try even directly from Audi and the MMI just won't...
1-2 of 2 Results