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  1. New Users & Car Anticipation
    Pretty stock A5, Need some Stone Guards, e-codes and a RS5 grill would be nice... Thanks to those who helped me with wheel/tire size and et! :cheers: Sorry for the crappy phone pic..better ones soon to come.
  2. Photos & Videos
    another ibis white w/ cv3's 20x10 all4 Finally got the stone guards in and decent photos taken. E-codes next and hopefully Bilsteins for x-mass form the wifey hehe
  3. A5 General Q&A
    I just spent 3 hours washing and waxing my car, was it worth it. I don't want to bring it to a carwash because I know it's not to good for the paint. So let me know how I did. Thank you and by the way, I use p21s wax and soap for the car, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.
  4. New Users & Car Anticipation
    Hi everyone.. glad to be apart of this forum.. I have been following it for a while now, and finally joined after picking up my baby a few months ago! I was planning on purchasing a stock 2008 S5, but found the perfect deal on the perfect car, and flew out to Seattle to purchase it. It was...
1-6 of 6 Results