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    OK, so I think I know the answer here, but I needed to disconnect the battery, and I foolishly forgot to either leave the boot open or drop one of the split fold seats - so now I can't get into the boot to reconnect the battery. Any clever tips, or am I completely f..ked? Thanks Geoff
  2. A5 General Q&A
    Hello guys, So when I was driving back from work, my MIL comes on. I scanned it and it tells me that my coolant pump B is open. I understand that this is my auxiliary water pump (correct me if I am wrong) and was wondering where this pump was located so I can order a replacement to change it...
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    hi guys .I. having some trouble with my drivers door cental locking ,windows,mirrors are not working I cant even open passenger window .I have replaced the door module with new but nothing .I have been told to change door wiring loom and still no luck..any help would be appreciated 🙏
  4. RS5 General Q&A
    Hello, sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section. I'm after some info about facelifting the front end on an RS5 B8 2011 V8 - now i know there is much info of facelifting the non RS- A5 but cannot find the right stuff for the RS5 b8 to B8.5 conversion. Am i right in assuming just like...
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    Hello, I brought an Audi A5 coupe 2016 last week and changed the fog light bulbs, and noticed on the passenger's side that the horn was hanging freely and the rivets holding it in were sheared off, does anyone know where it should be? As I cannot find any holes where it could've been. TIA. Jack
  6. Wanted
    This is THE LAST part we need for refurbishing a wrecked Audi A5! It’s been a long journey, been keeping an eye out but thought it was worth posting on here. Based in the UK, can collect or arrange a courier. Looking for a facelift bonnet which I know are hard to come by! Preferably black but...
  7. S5 Performance & Mods
    Good afternoon everyone, I am new here after recently buying my S5, doing my research on modifications and hoping someone here has the experience to answer my questions. My Audi is the black edition with the 19x9 et33 Rotors wrapped in 255/35r19 tyres and Im looking to lower and put on...
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    Greetings All! I'm a noobie on this site do please excuse if its been asked already. I have a 2013 a5 Sportback and want to upgrade the wheel to a flat bottom one and also the front seats. My questions: Which models wheel will fit - I have the round airbag. I saw one for the TT with a round...
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    Hi Guys, new to this forum. I've had my A5 for nearly a year now and I'm very sure it never used to be this loud outside of the car when my AC is on. I noticed recently that when I have my windows down, if the ac is on I can hear a loud humming noise from the engine bay (no matter how high the...