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  1. Xenon Headlight going out

    A5 & S5 Topics
    Hi Guys, i’ve got a 14 plate A5 with Xenon headlights. I believe they are the DS3 bulbs. Basically when the head lights turn on the driver side stays on for about a minute before shutting off. I have had the bulb changed already but the same thing happened. Audi want to charge £180.00 Per hour...
  2. Audi s5 headlights in an Audi A5

    A5 General Q&A
    might seem like a bit of a rookie question, but Audi s5 headlights would fit in an Audi A5 right? both pre-facelift models.
  3. FS: 09 OEM A5/S5 LED Headlights

    For Sale
    I took these off my car last month to put in e-code headlights, they probably have about 25k miles on them. In great shape, no problems with them, no major scratches, works great. Just the ballast, moved the bulbs to my e-codes but the bulbs aren't hard to find. Selling them as a pair, $400...
  4. Washers' pressure

    A5 & S5 Topics
    Is there any way of reducing the pressure of the windscreen and headlight washers?! The windscreen ones throw water on the top, the tail, the sides, the windows and the rear mirrors of the car (even if recalibrating them would mean water flying everywhere due to the pressure) The headlight...