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  1. CT/NY Meet - Sunday, 3/18/12

    Decided to create a separate thread here as it seemed more appropriate given this is a GTG. Here is the original thread: Suggested start time of 10AM at the northbound Mobil station/rest stop just over the CT/NY...
  2. Video: S5 V8 v. S5 V8 w/APR Supercharger

    S5 Performance & Mods
    Had a great time hanging out this morning with Scott (almostS50) and this is our first GTG since he had the APR Stage III Supercharger added. Enjoy!: Audi S5 V8 v. S5 V8 w/APR Supercharger - YouTube P.S. My car is ahem, not stock, but does not have a blower.