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  1. Audi s5 b8 tuned

    S5 General Q&A
    Hello, I have a Audi S5 B8 Stage 1 from MTM and i Wonder if this is normal. When the car is about 44-46 km/h it shifts up to 5th gear for no reason this hallens when you use the speed up then hold it evenly you can feel how the car is jerking also you can see the revs going up and down but...
  2. S tronic Service - Do Wheels Need to Spin?

    S5 General Q&A
    Hi All, I'm going to be doing a full service and mechatronic unit repair on my S5 sportback with 7 speed S tronic gearbox this weekend. Can anyone confirm if, when refilling and 'running through the gears' that, the wheels need to be free to spin at idle rpm or can the gear changes be done...
  3. S-Tronic Gearbox Malfunction

    A5 & S5 Topics
    Hi People, I recently gave my car to an Audi main dealer for a gearbox oil and filter change. As my car (2012 3.0 TDI S-Tronic CDUC) is at 76k miles so the interval service was due. Once i got it back a few days later i went to start the car as normal and an error message popped up "Gearbox...
  4. Audi A5 Gearbox/Clutch Extremely Stiff

    A5 General Q&A
    Is it normal for An Audi A5 (2009 3.0TDI Manual Quattro 40k miles), to have a very stiff and clunky gearbox? According to Audi Bexleyheath the test driver/engineer said that Audi has admitted that they are a problem with the A5's, and I will have to live with it. I think they are fobbing me off...
  5. New owner anxieties

    A5 General Q&A
    Hi, Had my new (2 years old) A5 2.7TDi Multitronic for 2 months now. I have a couple of questions I'd like advice on if anyone would be so kind. 1) When idling in D, S or R there's a metallic whine coming from the centre console/gearbox. It disappears when in N. Is this normal? 2) Steering is...