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    Hi guys, new to this. I have set up a finance on an Audi S5 V8 quattro, had it for a week now and was putting normal unleaded 95 RON fuel in, only £30 her and there through out the week. It was due to go back for a service on Friday at the same dealership I got the car from. Picked the car up...
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    My DIS is showing an average MPG of 26.7 at the moment. It's a facelift A5 Coupe BE, it's done about 1000miles so far. I commute from Preston to Manchester about 3/4 days a week and so it seems very low compared to the advertised 45ish!
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    Hi all, any recommendations for a fuel injection cleaner? Wynns and STP are mainstream choices, and BG 44K receives excellent reviews (at triple the price!), Forte was mentioned somewhere and I read about more brands here and there Any opinion to help me decide highly appreciated! :2thumbsup: