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  1. Does à A6 c7 bonnet fit Audi A5 b8,5?

    Hi! I have done a facelift on my Audi A5 2010 to a 2012-2016 A5... everything is done and working but I haven’t found a facelift bonnet for sale yet..... does someone know if the a6 bonnet fits? Or if anyone else have another solution? Max.
  2. Ami

    A5 & S5 Topics
    My 2012 Facelift A5 Black Edition w/ tech pack low, comes standard with AMI. In my car it is simply a connection in the glove compartment where I can plug in the AMI Cable. However I have seen pictures of cars with an actual unit with a pull out shelf etc - is this how it should be?
  3. 2012 MMI Control

    A5 General Q&A
    Hi, This is my first post on this forum (or any forum for that matter). Very excited to receive my Facelift A5 Coupe on Tuesday!! Just a quick question, I've been looking at pictures on this forum and on google of the car and I've seen the round control (the turning one) on the actual dash...
  4. Only Facelift Photos!

    A5 General Q&A
    I realize there is a thread with people posting pictures of any model year A5s, but here in America we don't have the joy of being able to see face lifted models until this summer! I have already called Audi and placed a deposit on the future model and I can't wait. I have seen no more than a...
  5. New member waiting on A5 2012 Facelift

    New Users & Car Anticipation
    Hi all, Just waiting on the final few weeks for my A5 2012 1.8 black edition in ibis white with tech pack high, comfort package and heated front seats. Build week is week 48, so hopefully delivery in time for Christmas :D This forum is just about the only thing keeping me going in these final...
  6. German Audi website has officially launched the facelifted

    A5 & S5 Topics
    German Audi website has officially launched the facelift A5, S5 only - RS5 has not been facelifted yet I am one of those who really do not like the new look, the shape of the "old" A5 was a trademark in the streets. The new is just another Audi, similar to the rest of Audis, with no character...