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  1. Anybody near Birmingham UK with downpipe (3.0 tdi)?

    Audi Lounge
    Hello people, Are there any 3.0 tdi owners near Birmingham with the Darkaide downpipe or something similar (any downpipe replacing the cat and DPF)? I'd really appreciate if you would let me drive to you just to hear what it sounds like in person before I dive in and fit one to mine. It's a...
  2. Anyone used Maxtreme Ltd?

    S5 General Q&A
    Hi everyone New to A5OC and been wanting to put an exhaust on my S5 for a while. I have seen Maxtreme Ltd have a 20% sale on exhausts and offer free fitting but I havent heard much about them? Anyone used them or heard of them? They are based in Cambridgeshire Thanks
  3. OEM exhaust Clamp/Sleeve corroded

    S5 General Q&A
    Hi all! I’ve got a 2007 S5 V8, had this for around 3 years now & no issues. Love the car. The other day I noticed that the back box on the left hand side has dropped ever so slightly, that you can see some of the back box hanging below the bumper. I’ve taken to Kwick Fit & they’ve told me that...
  4. WTB: non stock exhaust - UK

    For Sale
    I love my S5 but the only thing that disappoints me is I can't hear the engine noise enough :thumbsdown: Having read through numerous posts regarding choice of exhaust regarding volume/sound/drone I still can't decide which way to go. To that end, I'm looking for someone selling any non stock...
  5. Found perfect exhaust...AWE Touring

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Since being seriously screwed a few years ago by STASIS on their exhaust for my A5 3.2L 6 spd manual I took the plunge again on a new exhaust system, but this time with AWE. John Voss and the AWE team were AWEsome. I drove to a hotel near their shop the night before the install and arrived the...
  6. AWE Touring exhaust: Can some of you please post more vids?!

    S5 Performance & Mods
    I'm trying to get more videos of what it sounds like overall. Also, I do hear that some owners have cut the resonator in the touring exhaust...I'd like to hear how that sounds as well if any of you have done so.
  7. Audi A5 Diffuser Installation

    A5 & S5 Topics
    Hi, this is my first post on the audi a5oc so sorry if i make noobish mistakes, i currently own an audi a3 but i am receiving my sisters 'hand me down' audi a5 2.0 TFSI this august (if that can be called a hand me down), being the 2.0 tfsi it has the ugly twin exhaust on the left and a plain...
  8. WTB: Downpipes (AWE...Milltek..)

    For Sale
    Currently have a non-resonated Milltek catback which seems to have some custom welding done by a previous owner (straight pipes as it seems) i personally love the tone of it, just think its not as loud as i would like it to be. If there are any AWE downpipes or Milltek Downpipes for sale, I'd...
  9. Anyone in SoCal upgraded their A5 exhausts to StaSIS, AWE or Miltek?

    A5 Performance & Mods
    I'm trying to decide on which setup to go with but would like to hear them in person. Please let me know, I'm can meet anywhere from SD to LA. Thanks!
  10. AWE down pipe and touring exhaust questions

    A5 General Q&A
    I am getting ready to pull the trigger and purchase the 3.2 AWE tuned down pipe and AWE dual tip Touring exhaust and have some questions to you that have already done this: 1) Did you also have the AWE tuned down pipe installed with the Touring exhaust? 2) Is everyday driving with windows up and...
  11. My new S5

    S5 General Q&A
    Hello, I got my S5 about 4 month ago, it was a brithday gift from my dad. Brave of him to give a 16 year old kid a car like that. Needless to say, I love this car. Therefore I joined this site both to learn more about my car, and to enquire a few things about my car. First, I spoted that my...
  12. Audi S5 with AWE Exhaust and Forgestar F14 Wheels

    S5 Performance & Mods
    I got out this weekend and took a video of my S5. A few upgrades include the AWE Exhaust with 90mm tips (stock downpipes), 20" Forgestar F14 wheels, and K&W coilovers (lowered 1.5" in the front, 1" in the back). Let we know what you guys think. I will try to get a few pictures and some more...
  13. Sportback owners, have you seen this...

    A5 Performance & Mods
  14. A5 Sportback 3.0TDI Milltek Out Now

    Milltek have now launched their new cat back exhaust for the Audi A5 3.0TDI Sportback. 2 options are available:- - Cat back dual outlet using 100mm GT tips - Cat back quad outlet using twin 80mm GT tips, requires S5 lower rear valance. APS are offering an introductory special fitting or...
  15. S5 Custom Exhaust

    Photos & Videos
    Hey all, Got my S5 back from the garage a few days back and having sooo much fun driving it now! It's a catback and I wanted to retain as much of the oem look as possible with just a slight increase in the pipe diameter. I think it's a job well done and I'm very happy with it. For the first...
  16. STaSIS A5/S5 Exhaust Offer!

    For one month we will be offering the STaSIS Engineering Exhaust system for the following A5 and S5 models at an introductory discounted rate, please see variants covered in this offer below and the offer price, this is giving a saving of over £200! A5 B8 3.2L Quad Exit Exhaust…….£1049INC VAT...
  17. HMS Exhaust

    S5 Performance & Mods
    I saw a post the other day about hms exhaust and i was curious so i youtubed a video of them and couldn't find one of an s5 but i found one of an rs5 and the sound was amazing, truly sounds like an italian exotic. So i emailed the company and found out that they do make s5 exhausts and if i...
  18. New to the area - Shropshire/West Midlands UK

    S5 Performance & Mods
    Gday, Picked up my 09 reg S5 today and I'm in heaven! Even my wife has car envy... I'm already thinking about some mods (exhaust/springs etc)... Anyhow as per the subject, I'm new to the area (Shropshire/West Midlands) and new to Audi. Looking for any suggestions on recommended workshops for...
  19. Ordering APR exhaust for my 2.0t

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Hello everyone, I am looking to order an APR exhaust for my a5 2.0t. I originally wanted to get meisterschaft, but then someone told me they were korean crap, so I did some research and found out he wasn't lying. So I am now debating between quad tip APR and AWE. I like awe alot, but the thing I...
  20. exhaust near atlanta

    S5 General Q&A
    im looking to buy a new exhaust and before i make any final decisions i would like to hear some of them in person. is there anyone near the atlanta area with an aftermarket exhaust? preferably either AWE or GMG. pm me if you do, i would love to meet for just a few minutes to hear what it sounds...