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  1. S5 General Q&A
    Hi again. I have a message in the DIS on my 2008 S5 that reads, "Oil level! Sensor defective". However, upon scanning with VCDS, I found no fault codes for the oil level sensor, rather, a 000406 - Engine Oil Temp. Sensor (G8) P0196 - 004 - Implausible Signal. So which one is it? The level...
  2. S5 General Q&A
    So, as part of stealing my car it appears the thieves melted the crap out of my OBD port connector. The mechanical key still works but the auto key guy that came out said he can’t do anything with a mangled ODB. As such I need to replace the port. Is it something that can be DIY’d or is it a...
  3. A5 & S5 Topics
    So I have a 2011 A5 Quattro with the 2.0 T and a 6speed manual transmission. A couple weeks ago I started my car and before I could get my seatbelt on it died, I started it back up only for it to die again. From there the car refused to start, after looking some I realized I wasn’t getting fuel...
1-3 of 3 Results