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eco friendly
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  1. Prism Detailing
    I have been looking into waterless wash system since the beginning of this year. With new environmental protection policies in place making it near impossible for detailers and valeters to work as any run off would need to be captured. This can be very tricky and costing potential customers a...
  2. Prism Detailing
    I was asked carry out a detail on a clients car within London. Some might know the car, some might not.... Ill let the pics do the talking as this is a little different to most details you will see the use of the eco friendly method was applied. Car on arrival: As the car was not...
  3. Prism Detailing
    With local authorities starting to impose stricter regulation regard water waste managment, I have been looking into alternative methods of cleaning cars. The rules are not about the products being use as such, but the "run off" and how this is captured. Looking at different ideas how to stay...
1-3 of 3 Results