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  2. No DRL when switch at O? (Nub needs help)

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    I'm a nub when it comes to my newly purchased 2011 S5 (Canada) so I hope I don't sound too stupid but when I set the light switch to O (Off) I have no exterior lights at all with the engine running or not, daylight or dark. I assumed that I would have at least the front DRLs even with the...
  3. DRL LED Auto Headlights mode?

    A5 & S5 Topics
    Winter is just about to start here, so it´s getting darker, but still even though it´s midday and just a little gray and cloudy, the Xenon starts when in auto mode (DRL is needed in Denmark). There´s an exterior lighting Auto Headlights option of Early-Mid-Late, buy I don´t know what the...
  4. A5/S5 VAG 5052 Coding

    A5 Performance & Mods
    A5/S5 VAG 5052 Coding For anyone like myself with access to a factory VAG 5052 and not a Ross Tech scanner, here are the binary and even easier HEX codes for popular mods. Enjoy! Enabling key memory in cars with electric, non-memory seats: Module 36 Seat Memory Driver, 08 Coding, Master...
  5. VAG-COM near London anyone?

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Hi All, Took delivery of my A5 S-line about 5 days ago. Loving it!!!! As with most things in my life, i am not satisfied with how it comes out of the factory and am looking to make some of my own changes. First place i want to start is VAG-COM to sort out the winking DRLs and dipping mirrors...