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  1. Audi A5/S5 Tech DIY
    Hello everyone, how can I know if I can activate DRIVE SELECT on my 2013 Q5 2.0 TDI quattro 177 CV S-Tronic MMI 3G+? I guess you need to have some device pre-installed What parameters should I check with Vagcom to see if it is ready to activate ADS? Thank you all
  2. S5 Performance & Mods
    could someone please inform me on what drive select is?? ive seen different things about gaining power and stiffer steering using vag com but ive never seen any coding or instructions on how to do this. i bet there are a million posts already about this so just a link would help too, Thanks!
  3. A5 & S5 Topics
    I 've been wondering for some time now whether using the ADS while cruising is OK or not. Considering other things that should not be altered whilst driving (i.e. turning on the Air-Condition when not idle stresses the engine, especially at high speeds or in 4WD cars switching between 2WD and...
  4. New Users & Car Anticipation
    Hi everyone must congratulate you on such an excellent, and helpful site, this is my first post. I am thinking about ordering a Sportline s-line, I have pretty much finalised the spec except for the suspension. I test drove this vehicle last Saturday equiped with the optional s-line...
1-4 of 4 Results