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  1. For Sale
    Hi For sale Darkside Developments downpipe. Fits B8.5 A5 3.0tdi CDUC with VZK turbo. Been on on the car for 7 months. Chelmsford, Essex. £280
  2. Audi Lounge
    So pretty much I've been trying really hard to make my car have a nice loud tone to it. I'm not talking about crazy loud, sounding like a tuners beat up 99' Honda Civic. I'm talking about a nice growl that will turn heads, but not make people think "wow this guys an asshole". I have a 2012...
  3. Audi Lounge
    Hello people, Are there any 3.0 tdi owners near Birmingham with the Darkaide downpipe or something similar (any downpipe replacing the cat and DPF)? I'd really appreciate if you would let me drive to you just to hear what it sounds like in person before I dive in and fit one to mine. It's a...
1-3 of 3 Results