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  1. Detailing
    Dodo Juice Home Brew Make Your Own Car Wax Kit | FREE UK P&P @ Performance Motorcare Products Ltd Looks like they're running out of ideas on how to make these products better. Instead you can now buy the ingredients, mix it up yourself whilst being an extra £10 out of pocket :no:
  2. Prism Detailing
    Remember last winter? Protect your investment now with a winter protection detail! Winter is coming and if it is anything like last year you need to get your car protected now. You should be aware that councils are using an additive to salt and grit to make it stick to the roads. Unfortunately...
  3. Prism Detailing
    With local authorities starting to impose stricter regulation regard water waste managment, I have been looking into alternative methods of cleaning cars. The rules are not about the products being use as such, but the "run off" and how this is captured. Looking at different ideas how to stay...
  4. Prism Detailing
    After being recommended from a forum member in England (Audi TT cab detail posted), I was asked to conduct a detail on this mk1 TT. Being from Scotland and the car being in London, I did not really know what to expect. I was told of the swirls from the owner, and on arrival this was confirmed...
  5. Prism Detailing
    Just had confirmation from Dom @ Dodo Juice that Prism Detailing has been authorised as a detailer for them for another year. We are hoping we will be able to do more demo days this year in conjunction with Dodo Juice and hoping we will see you there :thumbsup: Regards Robert Turner Prism...
  6. Prism Detailing
    Prism Detailing would like to thank everyone for their support and custom over the last year, and would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :thumbsup:
  7. Prism Detailing
    Just to let everyone know, We at Prism Detailing have just launched a new website which is a massive improvement over the last one. Check it out we also have a new enquiries email address: [email protected] or can contact us via the "contact" page on the...
  8. Prism Detailing
    I was asked to carry out a detail on this Porsche Caymen S. The owner had just taken delivery of it (second hand) from a dealer. I had previously inspected it at the dealership, so I knew what to expect. Anyway onto the detail itself and the pics: How the car arrived: Started by the...
  9. Detailing
    heres why........ Cheers
  10. Detailing
    Well everyone knows that when you do something for a profession/living you tend to forget to take care of your own things or you just don't have the time to get to it. So thanks to mindflux and others for convincing me to pick up the Prima Car Care product line, most of you know I'm a "PURIST"...
  11. Prism Detailing
    I was contacted by the owner after he saw some of the work I have been doing on a couple of cars near to where he lives. Initially he just wanted the car washed but when explaining what could be done to the paint work, he opted for correction to be carried out. The car in question was meant to...
1-11 of 11 Results