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  1. BMW/Audi owners comparo

    A5 & S5 Topics
    Has anyone went from a 3 series (328xi) to an A5? i was looking for some input from those who have owned a BMW then went to an Audi and some of the pros/Cons of the switch. I'm currently a 2008 328xi coupe owner and a previous A4 quattro owner and have always wanted an A5. Any input would be...
  2. 2012 S5 Cab or 2012 E350 Cab?

    S5 General Q&A
    Hi everyone.:cheers: I just joined this forum, and love the breadth of experience and insight here. I was just about to pull the trigger on the 2012 (v6) S5 Cab, and then my wife brought me to the Benz dealer to show me the new 2012 E350 Cab. I'll admit, it's a sweet looking ride. I find...
  3. Dilemma - S5 or A5 3.0 TDI

    S5 General Q&A
    I have been researching for a number of weeks comparing the S5 to the A5 TDI, I really would like to get other peoples opinions particularly from owners. I have test driven the 3.0TDI manual, very impressed with the torque, effortless pull and comfort level. For me manual is pointless 1st gear...
  4. A5 Sportback - which one?

    A5 General Q&A
    Hi there, new to the forum so hello to everyone. Basically looking at getting an A5 Quattro s-tronic S-line sportback and I'm torn between which to go for. It comes down to either the 2.0 TFSi (211PS) or the 3.0 TDi. On bare numbers this site, using the quoted ROTR prices of 32,525 and 36,220...