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  1. A5 Quattro gear/clutch problem

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    Hi, I have a 2008 A5 Quattro 3L TDI (Coupe) - Manual Gearbox. Something went seriously wrong last week. No one I know can really come up with an explanation, and I've been told by the garage (that my car is stuck at) that I need a new clutch at £1600 including labour. Can anyone on here...
  2. Manual V8 S5 engages gear when off, but won’t when running

    S5 General Q&A
    I just recently bought this S5, 70k miles, manual, with the issue that it won’t drive. The engine will fire up, and from neutral, it will not engage any gear. If I push it hard enough 1st gear will grind. Now, if the car is off, and I throw it into gear, press the clutch all the way down, and...
  3. 09 S5 Clutch Recommendations

    S5 Performance & Mods
    Hey everyone, I have a 2009 S5 and i'm almost certain it's time for a new clutch. The clutch seems to be slightly still engaged when fully pushed to the floor, making it difficult to get into gear and shifting sucks. I daily drive the car and enjoy a smooth transmission but I also drive the car...
  4. Audi S5 Performance Clutch

    S5 Performance & Mods
    Guys I need a recommendation on a after market clutch for my S5. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  5. Audi A5 Gearbox/Clutch Extremely Stiff

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    Is it normal for An Audi A5 (2009 3.0TDI Manual Quattro 40k miles), to have a very stiff and clunky gearbox? According to Audi Bexleyheath the test driver/engineer said that Audi has admitted that they are a problem with the A5's, and I will have to live with it. I think they are fobbing me off...
  6. 1st to 2nd clutch issue? (s5)

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Alright, im new so go easy I have a 2010 s5 manual w/ 8k mi and sport dif. I always drive my car hard. Right from the start I noticed that sometimes when I bring 1st gear to the red line and pop the clutch into 2nd, it feels like the clutch is still slightly engaged for a few seconds and the...
  7. 2nd to 3rd gear grind

    S5 General Q&A
    I just bought a 2008 S5 CPO with 12k miles on it today:) When I shift quickly from 2nd to 3rd gear I can't get it into 3rd with out a little grind from the transmission. I'm pushing the clutch all the way to floor but cannot get a quick clean shift. If I slow down and don't try to shift...
  8. Note of any similar problems?

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    I know my husband started the thread with the engine knock but I wanted to have a thread to show to Audi here in Jacksonville that there are actually other people with this problem. So if you dont mind helping out can you tell where you are, what year, model, engine, mileage and whether it was...