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  1. A5 General Q&A
    Can Anyone recommend a catch can kit for my B9?
  2. A5 & S5 Topics
    Hey guys I have a question, you may have the correct answer. Does catch cans stop all oil from entering back to the valves? What percentage of oil is not caught and does hard driving increase the odds of oil bypassing the catch can system. Do you know any catch can that can stop 100% of oil from...
  3. S5 Performance & Mods
    Has anyone installed a catch can on their S5? Reading all of the nightmares about carbon build-up, etc., I've decided that adding a catch can is the way to go - and got the 42DraftDesigns unit... Now - the fun part - how to install it? What hoses go where, etc. I'm not worried about a...
1-3 of 3 Results