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  1. Prism Detailing
    Remember last winter? Protect your investment now with a winter protection detail! Winter is coming and if it is anything like last year you need to get your car protected now. You should be aware that councils are using an additive to salt and grit to make it stick to the roads. Unfortunately...
  2. Prism Detailing
    Its been a while since i did my last write up but i thought i would share this one. I was contacted by the owner to detail his BMW M3 (matte) and his partners Ford Focus RS. This detail i did another video incase you prefer having a look: YouTube - ‪Prism Detailing - Ford focus RS Swissvax...
  3. Prism Detailing
    Ill be in Cambridgeshire from 25th of March until 5th April so taking bookings locally....Will also be in attendence with Dom Colbeck (Dodo Juice) at the Fast Show at Santa Pod on the 27th March, so if anyone is there, make sure you pop by and say "hi" ATB Robert Prism Detailing
1-3 of 3 Results