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  1. Rate my detail

    A5 General Q&A
    Can anyone rate my detail that I did to my car today using a scale from 1-10, 10 being fantastic. Sorry about the few amount of pictures, some wouldn't upload. I used P21s wax ($35 dollar wax) and P21s shampoo. It took me 3 hours to do this job. Thank you
  2. New User waiting on A5 2.0T ibis white

    New Users & Car Anticipation
    Hi guys, :cheers: I would like to know, if anyone has installed an electric supercharger in their Audi and what benefit did you get from it ? Volkswagen's new TSI models have as standard a supercharger, however I'm wondering about this as an addition to the A5 2.0T to decrease the spool of...
  3. Was it worthed?

    A5 General Q&A
    I just spent 3 hours washing and waxing my car, was it worth it. I don't want to bring it to a carwash because I know it's not to good for the paint. So let me know how I did. Thank you and by the way, I use p21s wax and soap for the car, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.
  4. Tinting my audi

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Hello everyone, I am getting my white a5 tinted with tinted windows and tialights, cant wait!! Does anyone have any pics of a white a5 with tints?