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  1. Wheels Question for Complete Newbie

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Hi All - Having taken delivery of my S5 (V8) a couple of weeks ago I've started to think about upgrading from the 19" alloys to 20". My question is if I go from 19"x8.5J alloys to 20"x9J alloys will the alloys fit further out? I know this may sound like a daft question but if these wheels...
  2. Wheel downsizing

    A5 Performance & Mods
    I have recently taken delivery of a 2.0T A5 sport with 19" Y spoke alloys but I can't get on with the ride quality. I know most people upsize their wheels but would downsizing to 18" or even 17" alloys stop me feeling every stray hair on the road. Thanks Skidder