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a5 2.0

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    Hi guys! First post here and I’m hoping to get some opinions about my first A5’s purchase. I have the option to buy either a: -2014 A5 TDI 2.0 Quattro Sportback with s-line upgrades or a -2010 A5 TDI 3.0 Quattro Sportback. They are roughly the same price and miles done (~80,000) both come...
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    To A5 owners, Two questions: 1) I'm considering either the Infiniti G37X (330 HP, 270 lb. torque) or the A5 (265 HP, 243 lb. torque). Looking for a fun sports car to drive. 2) Looks like the 2010 A5 can only be ordered with manual transmission in the 4 cylinder. Anybody have the 2.0 A5...